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Emergency supply kit

When you are diabetic it is vital that you have all the supplies you need on hand at all times. Here I have put together a list of Items that are essential, along with some amazing products that are out on the market today that I would recommend.

1. Fast acting glucose

2. Blood glucose meter along with spare batteries

3. Spare lancelets and needles

4. Alcohol wipes

5. A list of emergency contacts

6. A list of your current medication

7. A copy of your sick day plan

8. Ice pack/cooler bag

9. Slow acting carbohydrate snacks

10. Spare test strips and Ketone strips

Of course you can keep most of these supplies tucked away in your betabag diabetic wallet.

But make sure you have plenty on hand incase of any emergency.

Goodluck and happy organising!

Love and light,

Nicole Silver - Founder of betabagdesigns

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